Dog boarding franchise raises nearly £2,000 for Hearing Dogs charity

Dog boarding franchise Wagging Tails raised nearly £2,000 for the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in 2014.

Nearly 10 million people in the UK experience some degree of hearing loss. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People aim is to offer greater independence, confidence and companionship to as many of these people as possible by creating life-changing partnerships between deaf people and hearing dogs specially trained to alert them to chosen everyday sounds.

Wagging Tails 2015 Charity Calendar Front Cover

The front cover of Wagging Tails 2015 Charity Calendar which raised over £900 for Hearing Dogs

Over £900 of the £1,900 raised by Wagging Tails was generated through donations made in exchange for the company’s 2015 Charity Calendar. The rest was made by owners making a donation when booking their dog’s holiday. The calendar, which featured different dogs enjoying their holiday with Wagging Tails throughout 2014, was completely funded by the company and donations to receive the calendar were made via Wagging Tails’ Justgiving page resulting in 100% of the proceeds going to Hearing Dogs.

Nicholas Orpin, Community Fundraising Manager for Hearing Dogs, had this to say,

“Wagging Tails has been an excellent charity partner for Hearing Dogs. Our approach to charity partnerships is simple – we want to build mutually beneficial relationships which allow you to experience first-hand the work we do, have fun taking part in fundraising initiatives while promoting Wagging Tails’ corporate values through their charitable support. The Wagging Tails business model means each franchisee has support from a Community Fundraising Manager in their area. In return for their support Wagging Tails is currently sponsoring puppy Aslan and are updated as he goes through training. The obvious love of dogs at the core of Wagging Tails is coupled with a modern and robust approach to business and we are thankful for their on-going support in 2015”

Wagging Tails with Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People volunteers Cathy (with Aslan) and Mark (with Erin – held by Wagging Tails Director Lisa Suswain) at Wagging Tails 2014 Annual Conference

Speaking about their association with Hearing Dogs Jim Suswain, Director of Wagging Tails, said,

“Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is an incredible charity and they are fantastic to work with. It is our pleasure to work with an organisation that is doing so much good for those people struggling with hearing loss in the UK and we will be continuing to try and raise greater funds and awareness for them in the future.”

Wagging Tails will be continuing to support Hearing Dogs for Deaf People throughout 2015. Charity Calendars are still available in exchange for a donation of £6.99 made via their JustGiving page, .


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