Enjoying the Bank Holiday but not looking forward to work on Tuesday?

Like many of us across the country I’m sure that you are enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend, but are you secretly (or openly!) dreading the return to work on Tuesday? Our franchise opportunity gives you the chance to work from home with your dog by your side and could be the way that you achieve a better work / life balance.

With today being #FranchiseAppreciationDay a number of our franchisees have kindly provided you with an insight into how they made the move to running their own business and the benefits they have gained from operating their own Wagging Tails franchise…

ALEXIS BENNETT, Wagging  Tails Gloucstershire

Wagging Tails franchisee, Alexis Bennett with her Beagle puppy, Brea

Wagging Tails Gloucestershire franchisee, Alexis Bennett, with her Beagle, Brea, as a puppy!

“I wasn’t looking for a franchise but am very glad I came across Wagging Tails Franchise whilst reading Good Housekeeping magazine in a doctor’s surgery!

In 2015 I moved from London to Cheltenham and was ready for a change of career. Prior to launching Wagging Tails Gloucestershire, I had nineteen very happy years teaching. Though I loved my years as a teacher, I missed the countryside and animals. In particular, dogs were missing from my life.

In January 2016 I launched the Gloucestershire Branch of Wagging Tails. I can now work from home, have time to look after my veggie patch and chickens, have been able to get to know the local area and, most importantly, take my dog to work every day!

What initially drew me to Wagging Tails is that the welfare and genuine love of dogs is at its heart. I am proud to have built the Gloucestershire branch over the past few years and continue to build upon this ethos. We offer dogs and owners stress free holidays and Dog Carers who had ‘dog shaped holes in their hearts’ the opportunity for these holes to be filled.

Running a franchise of Wagging Tails has changed our lives for the better in many ways. Not only am I running a business I am proud of, the support and package I received proved to exceed my expectations. All the training and branded material is of a very professional standard and has often been commented upon when I deliver leaflets to local businesses or meet people for the first time.

As the owner of a franchise, I really feel as though I have been able to hit the ground running. Through dedicated training, I have learned a great deal in a short space of time and feel I offer a professional service. Dog owners have confidence in me and carers frequently express their gratitude for the support I offer. Receiving support and knowledge from Franchisors Lisa and Jim made the decision to start my own business a no-brainer!”

EMILY DEACON, Wagging Tails Brighton

Wagging Tails Brighton franchisee Emily Deacon with her dog Barkley

Wagging Tails Brighton franchisee Emily Deacon with her dog Barkley

“I feel very lucky to have such a great job! Wagging Tails allows me to spend time with Barkley and to find tailor made holidays for dogs so their owners can take a well deserved break feeling confident that their four legged friends are being loved and cared for.

I have a fantastic team of carers who share my love of dogs and pride in being part of the business and I enjoy the time I spend chatting with both them and owners as well as meeting lots of gorgeous dogs of course.”

KEVIN WRIGHT, Wagging Tails St Albans

Kevin Wright with his dogs Roly and Abbie

Hertfordshire franchisee Kevin Wright pictured with his dogs Roly and Abbie

“Today being #franchiseappreciationday I thought it might be apt to post about how I came to be a franchisee and how I have found working as a part of the Wagging Tails family…

In early 2015 I was working in the corporate world and had been for many years. Then they decided it would be cheaper to get the work done in India and I was made redundant.

I decided this was not a disaster, but an opportunity to do something different. I liked the idea of running my own business, but I’m no Alan Sugar, so the idea of a franchise appealed to me. I looked through many different opportunities but, as a dog lover, Wagging Tails really stood out for me. It was an established, successful and, importantly, ethical business.

There have been ups and downs, as with any business, but, with guidance and support from our Head Office, as well as from my family, I’ve been able to establish a respected and trusted business, with a team of wonderful, caring, dog lovers. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved, and the service we offer, and I can honestly say it’s best thing I’ve ever done!”

SHIRLEY LILLEY, Wagging Tails Peterborough

Wagging Tails Franchisee Shirley Lilley with two of her dogs, Buddy and Berry

Wagging Tails Franchisee Shirley Lilley with two of her dogs, Buddy and Berry

“It’s #FranchiseAppreciationDay so here is a little bit about Wagging Tails  and Me!!

I’m Shirley and I started my Wagging Tails Franchise in the PE (Peterborough) area just over a year ago.

Leaving our dogs in kennels has always been a stressful and painful experience for our dogs and us and like many owners we didn’t realise that there was such a wonderful home from home alternative in Wagging Tails. 

Not only does Wagging Tails provide the best holiday home for our guest dogs and peace of mind for their worried owners but it has also given me the most amazing career opportunity!

Wagging Tails allows me to provide a service that I’m passionate about whilst giving like-minded dog owners the reassurance that their dogs are being well cared for while they are away so they can get on with enjoying their holiday.

I like nothing better than to talk to owners about their four legged friends and to organise the best of holiday homes for them with my lovely carers.”

HILARY COATES, Wagging Tails Swindon

EWIF Woman Franchisee of the Year Finalist Hilary Coates pictured with her beloved Beagle, Bandit

Wagging Tails franchisee Hilary Coates pictured with her beloved Beagle, Bandit

“Today is #FranchiseAppreciationDay, so what better time to let you all know why I chose Wagging Tails as a franchise over all the other available dog/pet care franchises.

After hitting upon the idea of a pet care franchise to help me become financially independent, I quickly discounted the pet care in someone’s home as I would have to leave Bandit for too long, then found a few dog home boarding franchises to look into.

Everything about Wagging Tails hit the right spot for me, whereas another company, Barking Mad, had a business model I didn’t feel comfortable with as an owner and the third, PetStay, was on “special offer”. 

As a viewer of That’s Life (other oldies will remember), their advice of “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is” struck a chord and I wondered what sort of support I would get if many franchisees came on board at once, so I plumped for Wagging Tails.

I also followed advice from the #bfa about questions to ask. Every question I put was answered promptly, it was clear from the start that Wagging Tails were people with a clear vision and determination to do things right.

Fast forward 4 years and I have been a finalist in business awards, have won a New Woman franchisee award and made myself financially independent, plus I get to visit some gorgeous dogs on their holidays with dog mad carers.

A great thing about Wagging Tails is the support from other franchisees, but also the fact that Councils love working with us, officers know that if we would like to licence a Dog Carer, they are going to get all the relevant information ahead of a visit and it is going to be an easy task to check everything over ready to give the green light.” 


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