An Ethical Approach to Business

We pride ourselves on our ethical approach to business in all areas of our company. We abide by all animal regulations that affect our work and lead the way in ensuring that home dog boarding conforms with all legal requirements.

Council Licensing

Wagging Tails Dog Carers are licensed by their local council authorityWe work very closely with over 200 local council authorities and all of our franchisees and Dog Carers work with their respective Councils in accordance with the Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 (and the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 if outside of England). In many areas our documentation has been adopted by the local council and used as the benchmark for this type of service.

“One of my Carers just contacted me to say the council had been in touch to arrange her inspection visit. She said they were delighted to hear she was a Wagging Tails Carer as they feel our paperwork and support is much better than other franchises and individuals. It gave my new Dog Carer such reassurance and pride to be joining my team. Thank you head office!” 
Hilary Coates, Wagging Tails Swindon Franchisee

‘Buy with Confidence’ Trading Standards Approved

Trading Standards 'Buy with Confidence' LogoWagging Tails and our entire franchise network are the only pet care franchise that is ‘Buy with Confidence’ Trading Standards Approved.

The ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme was introduced in response to concerns about ‘rogue traders’ which are often highlighted in the media and is the largest scheme of its kind nationally.

Trading Standards 'Buy with Confidence' Bullet points image

In order to become a ‘Buy with Confidence’ member a business must be thoroughly vetted, pass a set of tailored background checks and visited and assessed by a member of Trading Standards staff. Achieving membership is a sign that a business has made a commitment to trading fairly.

Corporate Partners with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People LogoWagging Tails began working with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in January 2014 and have developed a very close relationship with this wonderful charity.

In this time we have helped to raise over £17,000 for the charity and have our own Wagging Tails funded puppy in training, Neve, currently working towards becoming a fully fledged Hearing Dog.

Nearly 10 million people in the UK experience some degree of hearing loss and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People aim is to help as many of these people as possible by creating life-changing partnerships between specially trained hearing dogs like Neve.

This partnership allows each franchisee to work with the local Hearing Dogs for Deaf People co-ordinators and their incredible volunteers, helping to raise valuable funds and increase the profile of both the charity their own franchise.

“What a journey! All the cycling, rescues, collections, calendars and all the rest, have come to this moment and little Neve on her way to becoming a life-changer. Please pass on my heart-felt thanks to everyone who has helped. 

Wagging Tails has been an excellent charity partner for Hearing Dogs. Our approach to charity partnerships is simple – we want to build mutually beneficial relationships which allow our supporters to experience first-hand the work we do and have fun taking part in fundraising initiatives.

There is an obvious love of dogs at the core of Wagging Tails and we are thankful for their on-going support.”

Nicholas Orpin, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Community Fundraising Manager.

Members of Encouraging Women into Franchising (EWIF)

EWIF (Encouraging Women into Franchising) Member LogoWagging Tails are long term members of EWIF having joined the organisation in 2011. EWIF is an organisation which works to encourage women into franchising.

With women only accounting for 23% of franchisees in the UK one of EWIF’s primary goals is to make the franchise industry more inclusive and encourage more women to consider buying a franchise, something that Wagging Tails is proud to support.

Members of APGAW

Due to our commitment to dog welfare we have been members of APGAW (Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare) since 2013 – the first member that wasn’t a charity.

Full membership of the British Franchise Association (bfa)

We were members of the bfa, the main governing body for franchising in the UK, from 2010 – 2018 and full members of this organisation from 2014.  This means that we chose to be vetted against their strict code of business practise. As full bfa members we  had to prove that claimed earnings have actually been achieved by our franchisees offering reassurance to prospective franchisees of Wagging Tails’ credibility as a business.

Knowing a franchise brand has achieved full bfa member status immediately offers a certain number of assurances that a brand who has not been a member cannot. These include:

  • Viability – franchisors must show that the product or service they offer is saleable, and at a level of profit that will sustain a franchised network.
  • Transferability – the BFA makes sure that the means for the transfer of the know-how to a new operator at arm’s length, which are essential if the business is to be franchised, are met.
  • Ethics – the BFA ensures the franchise is structured and operated in accordance with the ethical principles set out in the European Code of Ethics for Franchising, which covers matters of advertising, recruiting, selecting, and dealing with franchisees. The franchise agreement is formally assessed.

We recently made the decision to terminate our bfa membership for a number of reasons. This decision has had no impact on Wagging Tails’ franchise offering and our opportunity remains the same one that was assessed and accepted to full bfa member status.

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