Total Investment

The license fee is £10,095 +VAT. When you add on all the other costs of starting up this business then the total turn-key cost to you to start trading under the Wagging Tails name and using our proven systems and processes will be £12,995 +VAT. You will need to ensure that you have the funds available to promote the business throughout your first year as you build the business – an amount that we would estimate to be between £2,000 and £5,000 depending on your personal circumstances and location.

Earning Potential

Franchise’s can develop quickly and our franchisees average sales of around £3,000.00 per month with huge capacity for growth as each franchise develops. The most successful franchisees are able to achieve sales of around £40,000.00* per annum within 18 months. With overheads low in this business the operating profit is around 40% of sales turnover for a franchise territory.

All territories have huge capacity for growth and the average rate of growth is just over 50% year on year.

*Based upon the most recent accounts

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