Franchise Territory

In line with our ethical approach to business we are committed to providing our franchisees with an exclusive territory that will allow you to develop a large and profitable business over a number of years.

Providing our  franchisees with the scope to develop a large and successful local business over a number of years has always been of paramount importance to us and with territories that are in some cases over 10 times the size of competitors we clearly deliver this opportunity. Wagging Tails was the first pet care franchise to offer such large territories and with the typical postcode area containing well over 50,000 dog owning households there is huge scope for each franchisee to develop a large, profitable franchise working in unison, rather than in competition, with their neighbouring franchisees.

Our territories are allocated by postcode area (Eg. GU, SO, RG) meaning that your potential owners and carers are able to clearly identify their local branch and ensuring that each territory has huge potential for growth allowing you to achieve all that you need from the business. Below is a map of the NG postcode area to give you an example of a territory.

A map of the Nottingham (NG) postcode area

The above territory contains approximately 160,000 dog owning households with the potential to achieve an income of £100,000* p.a. based on just 1,000 owners making one average booking per year – thats less than 0.7% of the dog owning population in this area!**

*Quoted potential income is pre tax, provided purely for illustration purposes and offers no guarantee of earnings.
**Population figures based on NG Postcode Report 2011 and Pet Population Report 2018

If you would like to know if your territory is available please Contact Us now.

Franchise Resales

From time to time franchises become available as a resale opportunity due to a change in circumstances for exiting franchisees. The benefit to purchasing a resale is an income from day one coupled with the same ongoing support and potential for growth as a new territory.

Opportunities will be listed below as and when they become available.


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