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“What a fantastic, professional service. Alfie had a great time with Mal and his wife this weekend. Alfie was made to feel part of their family and was completely happy in their care. Would highly recommend.” 
Rachel, Wagging Tails dog owner.

Wagging Tails is a home from home dog boarding company offering owners an alternative to traditional kennels. We provide our four-legged guests with their own exclusive holiday in the loving home of one of our specially selected carers; removing the anxiety often associated with leaving your dog when you go away and ensuring that both dog and owner have an enjoyable stress free holiday.

A true family business, Wagging Tails was established in early 2007 in Surrey. We began franchising in 2010 as a means of expanding the business to meet the demand we had received for our service from across the country. We now have a network of over 20 franchises across the country and are continuing to grow.

Happy franchisee! York Franchisee, Jane, sitting in the sun with her boy, Stanley.

Our franchise opportunity is suited to people from all backgrounds. Whether you are looking for a lifestyle career change or are pondering what to do as you face redundancy or near retirement, if you are a dog lover, running your own Wagging Tails franchise could be the ideal career for you.

A Wagging Tails franchise offers you the opportunity to own your own business and work from home with your dog by your side, delivering an ethical service that makes a positive impact in other dog owners’ lives.

Dog owners typically find it difficult to leave their pets behind when they have to go away. Leaving your family pet in a kennel while you are away can lead to a holiday spent worrying about whether Fido is ok and how he is coping without you – something that can ruin your getaway.

We are keen to speak to fellow dog lovers who feel they have the ability and drive to replicate our business in their local area. We are not looking to award our franchises to just anybody; your communication skills, experience with dogs and motivation for joining us are paramount to the success of the business.


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