The UK Pet Care Industry

“90% of us board our animals in kennels when we go on holiday at an average of £17.00 per night. Pet care and animal boarding is now a £4.3 billion a year industry…”
Compare Your Life, Channel 4, 27th June 2013

The UK is a nation of dog lovers and the dog care industry in this country is huge. Dog ownership is very emotive with many owners considering their pet to be a part of their family resulting in a hugely lucrative market in the UK. Despite the negative economic climate the number of dog owning households in the UK has continued to grow over the past few years and owners are taking more time and spending more money to provide the very best for their pets.

  • 8.5 million dogs in the UK and growing
  • 25% of UK households own a dog*
  • Dog food market alone is worth nearly £1.1 billion** with owners increasingly buying more expensive higher quality products
  • Dog boarding is a growth sector with  huge untapped potential

With increasing numbers of owners turning away from traditional kennels and opting for a true home from home alternative to kennels a Wagging Tails  franchise provides a fantastic opportunity for you to build a large successful business within this vibrant and lucrative industry doing something you love.

*PFMA Pet Population Report
**PFMA Annual Report 2013

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